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Trekking Phulbari Hanpang

Trekking between Phulbari and Hanpang

Trekking with KSP

KSP implements its projects by means of 'working treks'. We trek to the village concerned (there are no roads) and work on the project, taking with us the necessary tools, equipment, and materials, plus tents, camping equipment, and food. We hire porters and cooks as needed. See Trek reports.

Large projects, e.g. building a school, are complex exercises in coordinating local labour and the supply of materials. Others, such as installing a vaccine fridge or training a health worker, require trekkers who are engineers, doctors, or specialists in other fields.

After the initial completion, projects demand continuing maintenance - building repairs, battery maintenance, etc. And, it is critical to maintain contact with the villagers. Return treks are always greeted enthusiastically by villagers.

We make time also for R&R, usually a side trip, sometimes to Kangchenjunga Base Camp.

Usually, we undertake a trek each year, either before the monsoon (May) or after it (September).

KSP invites suitably skilled volunteers to participate in these ‘working treks’. Treks are self-funding, that is, the trekkers cover trek costs themselves; KSP pays for the projects. See FAQs.

The treks are often an experience of a lifetime.