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Funding organizations and corporate sponsors

KSP gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following sponsors, without all of whom KSP’s projects would have been impossible.

American Himalayan Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the people and ecology of the Himalaya. [more].

Snow Lion Foundation is devoted to preserving Tibetan Buddhism and culture. Snow Lion contributed funds to Folay School. [more]

Himalayan Fair devotes its proceeds to a variety of grass roots projects in Himalayan countries. [more]

Tibet Fund is the principal fund-raising organization for the Tibetan people, established to help preserve and promote their unique cultural heritage. Tibet Fund assists their social and economic advancement, both inside and outside Tibet, through programs in health, education, and economic and
                      community development. [more]

Recreational Equipment Inc. dedicates a portion of its operating budget to help protect and restore the natural environment, increase access to outdoor activities, and encourage involvement in muscle-powered sports. [more]

Australia Geographic supports adventure and community projects. [more]

Agilent Technologies is a global, diversified technology company operating in the communications, electronics, life sciences, and healthcare industries. Agilent is committed to conducting business in an ethical, socially responsible, and sustainable manner. [more]