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Nepalese school children

Nepalese school children

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Kangchenjunga School Project

Kangchenjunga School Project is a non-profit charity.

Its mission is to promote education, health, and environmental sustainability in the Kangchenjunga region of north-eastern Nepal.

Nepal is one of the least developed of third-world nations. The Kangchenjunga region - home to many Sherpas and Tibetan refugees - fares poorly, even by Nepalese standards. The basic needs - drinking water, adequate food, healthcare, and basic education - of many inhabitants are not met.

This website describes projects initiated by Kangchenjunga School Project (KSP) in the pursuit of its mission. KSP invites suitably skilled volunteers to help with these projects. See VOLUNTEER TREKS.

KSP is funded entirely by donations and operated entirely by volunteers. Every dollar donated is spent on projects in Nepal. Nothing is spent on administration. Please make a DONATION.


At 18:10 IST (12:40 UTC) on Sunday, 18 September 2011, a massive earthquake (magnitude 6.9) occurred on the border between Nepal and Sikkim and very close to the villages of Ghunsa and Folay, the sites of KSP’s schools and health posts.

KSP trekkers, Dr Penny Kane and Jamie Stewart were at Amjilosa when the earthquake struck and have sent back a graphic report (blog) of their experience. Also, at Kambachen, beyond Ghunsa, were Kiwi trekkers Rob and Claire, who have sent in photos.

While there were some injuries, there appear to have been no fatalities in the Ghunsa region. However, KSP’s school in Folay sustained substantial damage (see photos), as have many of the tracks (Nepal’s “highways”) and bridges. Ghunsa’s power station is operative, but the transmission line to Folay has been damaged by landslides.

KSP is looking at seismically sound designs for rebuilding the Folay school and retrofitting the school at Ghunsa.

(This report updated 24 October 2011.)

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