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The following photos showing the effects of the earthquake on 18 September 2011 were taken by Dr Penny Kane, Jamie Stewart, and Kiwi trekkers Rob and Claire.

Folay school

KSP's school and health clinic at Folay.

Kambachen house

Damaged house at Kambachen, upstream from Ghunsa.

Ghunsa toilet

Toilet, Ghunsa Guest House.

Potato field medicine

Potato-field medicine: Penny examining a possible fractured tibia four days after the earthquake.

Track below Kambachen

Damaged track below Kambachen.

Tracj above Ghunsa

Damaged track above Ghunsa.

Ghunsa bridge

Rockfall at the end of the bridge at Ghunsa; the bridge had a narrow escape.

Ghunsa Monastry

Monastry at Ghunsa.

Power lines

Lines that run from the Ghunsa power station to Folay.

Track by WWF

Damaged track near the WWF memorial, between Folay and Ghunsa.

Bridge at Jungle Camp

Damaged bridge at Jungle Camp; fortunately, the bridge is not on the main trail, but gives access to fields on the other side of the river.

Active rock fall

Active rockfall below Amjilosa.