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Lelep dormitory girls

Girls at KSP's dormitory in Lelep.

What we do

KSP pursues its mission of promoting education, health, and environmental sustainability in the Kangchenjunga region of north-eastern Nepal.

This mission translates into specific projects - building schools, training healthcare workers, installing vaccine fridges, etc - many of which have been successfully completed.

Which project?

KSP identifies opportunities for projects through its established rapport with the people of Kangchenjunga. Often a project begins as a request from a village. We initiate a project only after extensive consultation with the villagers concerned. We need to be sure that a project will benefit - and be supported by - the village.

Small is beautiful

KSP is a small, grass-roots organisation. Being small enables us to remain close to the local people and to choose projects that are in their interests. We deliberately limit our projects to within the capacity of the village concerned. We employ villagers on our projects, and it is not in their interests if we draw labour away from essential tasks, such as planting crops and tending animals.

We are realistic about how difficult it is to actually make a difference. Building schools and clinics is relatively easy. Gaining acceptance for new ideas and advancing a culture are more difficult. Progress can be made in only tiny steps.

We believe that success is getting people to help themselves, not having white people distribute western solutions. We measure success by how much local people support a project.