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Meeting Mamankhe

Rosie Knight discussing healthcare issues with women in Mamankhe

2010 Healthcare training (REPORT)

In October-November 2010, Rosie Knight, an experienced theatre nurse, surveyed the healthposts at Ghunsa, Tellok, Mamankhe, and Lelep. These surveys included examining the healthpost facilities and the medical instruments and supplies. She also talked to the healthcare workers and examined the healthcare records.

At Ghunsa, where she spent most time, she provided training to the healthcare worker, Tenzing Wangmo Sherpa, in suturing and other procedures.

At Tellok, she arranged two information sessions on women's health.

Rosie’s REPORT provides a comprehensive picture of the state of healthcare in this remote corner of Nepal.

The Kangchenjunga School Project wishes to thank those who donated health equipment, expertise, time, and money for the October-November 2010 trek:

Covidien provided nylon skin sutures for use during teaching sessions.
Aaron Morgan of Covidien provided his expertise at a suture workshop
   and ongoing support during preparation for the trip.
USL Medical provided Omnistrips (skin closure strips) to give Tenzing
   an extra product for wound management.
Wellington Hospital Sterile Services department donated several
   instruments, including two sets of instruments for suturing, so that the
   clinic always has a clean set available and some small surgical drapes.
Pharmacist friends, and neighbours in support of the project donated
   US$200. With this money we bought clinic supplies in Kathmandu to take
   up to Ghunsa.
Bernie de Ruiter from Wellington Hospital Fracture Clinic gave up one of
   her days off to share her knowledge of managing fractures in remote